The wayfinding at 31 metro stations within the existing network in Amsterdam had to be completely replaced, renewed and complemented.
It regarded both the East Line and the Circular Line and varied from route-information on the platforms, at the entrances and station halls, but also newly installed cubes and triangles at the entrances at street level.

Our solution

We have obtained this assignment after an extensive European tender.
The leadtime of only 3 months for production completion was an enormous challenge, especially because of the complexity of the various products and the large amount and diversity of construction-engineering with the collateral strength calculations.
Extensive material and lighting tests were executed in the VB&VH Experience ; partly in close cooperation with the client.
When we were both satisfied the real challenge of an extremely tight planning began, where many segments had to converge seamlessly.
Deviations or transgressions were not an option.
After the development, prototyping and lighting tests simulated in day and night situations in the VB&VH Experience room, the EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) LED fixture system was selected, thus allowing minimal sign depths but guaranteeing a beautiful smooth light emission.
Clever inventory, production and logistics resulted in a minimal amount of problems with the installation of an enormous number and variation of free suspender-lengths.
Outside the stations 80 Metro/Rnet hexahedrons were produced and installed; partly on poles on concrete foundations, and partly on so called projecting brackets.
The close cooperation with the clients project team was a crucial success-factor within the operation.
To minimize the inconvenience for the travellers all installation work was executed during night hours.