The constantly changing demands in the market generate an increasing need for companies/partners who are continuously involved with developments regarding technique, sustainability, energy consumption and changing environmental requirements; and who also closely monitor and apply these developments.

We distinguish ourselves as technical trend-watchers and strategic partners on behalf of the client, thus forming the link between design, development, execution and application.
Van Beem & Van Haagen are such a link; with flexibility, speed and decisiveness as our main spearheads.
Vision on the larger picture, but always with an eye for detail.
In close cooperation with our client we repeatedly achieve perfect, innovative and practical solutions.
In house Research & Development with the specially equipped VB&VH Experience room are the living proof. Always with a price/quality ratio according to market standards, with high quality demands and a sharp eye for sustainability. Together with our strategic Partners we guarantee a far-reaching expertise in all required disciplines; therefore large-scale and complex projects are no problem. We gladly sign for, production, development and the complete roll-out and implementation, but that remains the client’s choice. On this website a selection of our extensive possibilities and more important; the opinion of our clients.
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