Ultimate Voting booth

Article SH 08.001

Light weight, collapsible.
Including writing surface.
Height adjustable for wheelchair users.
2 m (H) x 1 m (W) x 1 m (D).


Ultimate Voting booth Plus

Article SHP 18.001


Extra wide voting booth.  Size: 1.50(L)x1.50(W)x2.00(H) mtr.
Better accessibility for disabled people.



Ultimate Voting booth Plus (not NL)

Article SHP 18.002


Extra wide voting booth. Size: 1.50(L)x1.50(W)x2.00(H) mtr.
Better accessibility for disabled people. Including 2 curtains and rod.



Led light unit 1100

Article SH 18.002


Led light unit 220V, including adaptor, for optimal light-emission on the writing surface of 1100 Lux.

For people with a visual impairment.




Article SH 18.003


Magnifying-glass. 3 times magnifying (small part 6 times).
LED lighting , at least 3000 Lux. Glass 115mm.
Including 4 batteries.



Carrier bag

Article SH 08.002

For protection and transport of voting booth, writing surface and led light unit.


Led light unit batt.

Article SH 08.003

Wireless, battery operated.
For voting booth illumination,
including 8 batteries.
Available for various types of voting booths on request.


Led light unit 220V

Article SH 08.004

For 220V AC connection.
For voting booth illumination.
Including cord (5m) and adaptor.
Available for various types of voting booths on request.


Writing surface

Article SH 08.005

Metal, for voting booth.
With connection hole for pencil security chain.


Writing surface for computer

Article SH 13.015

Metal, for voting booth.
With connection hole for pencil security chain and voting computer cable-conductor.


Red pencil with security chain

Article SH 11.001

Including chain with safety connector.


Red pencil

Article SH 11.002

Including hole for security chain connection.


A4 Poster holder

Article SH 10.001

Clear acrylic A4 poster holder (portrait) for your (municipal) information.
Supplied with double sided adhesive tape.


A3 Poster holder

Article SH 10.002

Clear acrylic A3 poster holder (landscape) for your (municipal) information.
Supplied with double sided adhesive tape.


A1 Poster holder

Article SH 17.001

Clear acrylic A1 poster holder  (portrait) to insert your own information.


A0 Poster holder

Article SH 17.002

Clear acrylic A0 poster holder  (portrait) to insert your own information.


Wayfinding sign stand

Article SH 15.002

Collapsible and light weight. Double sided with rotatable arrow. Including sign panel ‘Polling station’. Panels with different colour, text or logo
on request.


Window V-sign

Article SV 17.001

V-sign for windows. Mounting with suction cups.
To indicate the polling station.


Ballot box

Article SH 13.010

240 liters, with election logo and lockable slot and lid.
Stackable and provided with 2 dismountable



Article SH 13.012

For locking the ballot box, including 2 keys.


Ballot box space-maker

Article SB 16.001

Space making pressing device.


Ballot box info holder

Article SB 14.001

Transparent, easily clampable on the ballot box.
Size A4 portrait, excluding insert.
Size A3 landscape available on request.


Ballot box decoration 1

Article SB 17.001

Foldable ballot box decoration.
With print.

Price on request

Ballot box decoration 2

Article SB 17.002

Foldable ballot box decoration.
Without print.


Synthetic panel 1

Article SH 08.006

Fire-resistant substitution
panel nr. 1


Synthetic panel 2

Article SH 08.007

Fire-resistant substitution
panel nr. 2


Synthetic panel 3

Article SH 08.008

Fire-resistant substitution
panel nr. 3


Synthetic panel 4

Article SH 08.009

Fire-resistant substitution
panel nr. 4


Synthetic panel 5

Article SH 08.010

Fire-resistant substitution
panel nr. 5


Synthetic panel 6

Article SH 08.011

Fire-resistant substitution
panel nr. 6


Triangular panel

Article SH 17.003

Metal panel, applied when the voting booth is used in
an upside/down triangular display setting.


End-stop led-fixture

Article SH 09.005

Substitute end-stop for led light units.



Article SH 08.012

Set of 8 batteries. Applicable for 1 led-fixture, minimum
16 hours optimal light emission.


Connection-/locking hooklet

Article SH 09.006

For connecting voting booths and locking a folded up booth. Including connection parts. Also applicable for wayfinding sign stand.


Connecting device

Article SH 17.004

Connects the sides of the voting booth when used in a triangular setting.


End plug

Article SH 14.012

For top and bottom end of the voting booth, synthetic.
Also applicable for the wayfinding sign stand.


Separation panel

Article SW 17.001

Separation panel 1, 3 or 5 parts.
Height to be determined.
Color: grey.

Price on request


Article SH 16.001

Grey fire-retarding material, including eyelet clips.
1400 mm (W) x 1600 mm (H)


Curtain rod

Article SH 16.002

Aluminium, including plastic end stops. Easily clickable on top of the voting booth.


End stop curtain rod

Article SH 16.003

Substitute plastic end stop for curtain rod.


All prices are gross, excluding VAT and ex works (Amsterdam)