Finally, on 21st July 2018 the North/South Metro Line in Amsterdam was officially opened.
VB&VH have been a contract-partner since 2013 for the total wayfinding, both internally and externally.

Our solution

We were responsible for the system-engineering, development, production, installation and project management of the total wayfinding , illuminated and non-illuminated, of all 7 stations of the North/South Line. At a later stage to be extended with the Amsterdam North bus terminal. Mijksenaar Wayfinding was responsible for the lay-out and the routing-plan.
This very complex project took place mainly while the stations were still under construction, thus with enormous logistic and technical consequences and extreme safety demands.
The wayfinding consists of single and double sided illuminated applications, which hang mostly on special constructions, but also partly built-in the glass walls.
Also emergency lighting and illuminated signs with so-called disappear-signalling, evacuation-plans, route-forks, showcases and illuminated cubes.
VB&VH also produced and supplied the special constructions for all dynamic travel-information boards and camera suspensions.
However, the project experienced a massive ‘after-burn’.
Due to the radical adaptation of the tram- and bus-line network, hundreds of front plates in and around the NSL-stations had to be replaced, enabling passengers to find the right connection.
This was an enormous race against the clock, but on 20th July 2018 we got ‘the green light’.
We look back with great pride at this prestigious project.