Research & Development is one of our most important spearheads and ambitions. By continuously and pro-actively following the newest developments we remain sharp and focussed on the latest technological trends in a rapidly changing market. 

Developments in assignment of our clients but, also ‘in-house-development’ of our own products which we bring to market. Product development in cooperation with external partners, clients and designers is for us a challenge and ambition.
The VB&VH Experience is the living proof. This is our ‘breeding room’ for new ideas, a ‘real-life’ test environment, and above all a place to share and exchange knowledge with all market parties concerned. Day, night and twilight situations can be simulated to perfection. Both aesthetical and constructive aspects, such as special profiles, techniques and forms can be developed and displayed here. Of course there is also a major focus on environmental and energy technology, sustainability and maintenance saving techniques. 3D print techniques enable us to produce and test complete lifelike industrial applications with a 100% accuracy. Our development and prototyping is completely tuned in on mock ups and prototypes which are in series reproducible. Where applicable our products have the international approbation certificates; ENEC for the European markets and MET for the USA and Canada. An inspiring environment for our clients, designers and architects, but also definitely for ourselves. You are more than welcome here to share our experience and knowledge. We can also organize workshops for you and your team to give a better insight in our method of operation and solutions.