Amsterdam Airport Schiphol distinguishes itself with a very consistent and widely praised wayfinding system throughout the airport.
Over 3.000 clear and very recognizable signs show the travellers the way to their destination.
VB&VH were responsible for among others Lounge 3 and the baggage reclaim area.

Our solution

By applying the energy-saving EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) fixture system sign-depths of 145mm for the double faced signs and only 90mm for the single faced signs could suffice.
All this while maintaining a beautifully smooth light emission and with no inconvenient vignetting (shadows).
For the luggage conveyor-belts in the arrival hall cubicle-formed number-indicators had to be installed.
Both free suspending and mounted around square-shaped and round pillars.
With a clever click-system and sign-depths varying from 180 to only 100mm a proof of technical performance.
For all indication-signs signs at Schiphol the 3M colour-match translucent system is being applied.
For both departing and arriving passengers clear information signs show the way.