Our strategic partners, with whom we have been working together intensively for many years, and who have set the bar as high as we do. A wide range of specialists in their specific professional field at component level, nationally and internationally; carefully selected by us and always operating under our supervision and responsibility.

They are the indispensable link with the realisation of our projects, seamlessly converging with the development, production and installation stage. Custom made solutions require custom made technical facilities. Our partners offer these facilities in optima forma, with short communication lines, but even more important, they think solution-oriented along with us to meet the high requirements of our clients, designers and architects. Therefore our project teams are each time made to measure; one time a standard process, the next time to think and operate ‘out-of-the-box’. To get an impression of our extensive possibilities we invite you to view the information video below; it will cost you only 1,5 minutes.