In close collaboration with the client (Municipality of Amersfoort) and Mijksenaar Wayfinding, VB&VH have executed the engineering, production, placing and montage of the pedestrian wayfinding of the Amersfoort city-heart. In this way the municipality wants to emphasize the pedestrian character of the City-heart.

Our solution

In total it consists of  72 masts and 11 so-called totems.
The masts, with a weather-resistant colour coating, are mounted in subterranean cast concrete with on top a red coated traffic beacon at 3.4 meters above ground level.
In total there are 540 ‘directional pennants’ out of 10 mm thick aluminium and in 2 different sizes, i.e. 800 x 900 en 500 x 65 mm.
The arrow-points are in 2 contrasting colours, identical to the pennants and pennant rings, thus preventing colour differences.
The pennant rings are mounted on the masts with an ‘invisible’ fitting-technique, allowing each mast to have its individually adjustable configuration.
The pennants are decorated with ‘walking minutes’ and clear pictograms, enabling the pedestrians to find their destination easily in an accessible manner.
The totems, with dimensions 3300 x 500 x 90 mm, are double-face sublimated (enamel effect) with a city-plan, directions and a legenda, are also mounted in subterranean cast concrete.
Within the ‘Vision City Heart’ the installation of these wayfinding elements will result in a significant improvement of the orientation, exploration and findability of the many objects and locations within the beautiful Amersfoort city centre.