Identity, brand and image

Visual Identity forms the base of the full scale visual communication of a brand, product or service as a showcase of the brand-identity, values and promises.
Hence the corporate identity.
The consistent use of the visual identity, in all its forms, results in the recognition of this identity by target groups and influentials.Branding (showing a brand name, company name or logo) has the objective to increase the brand awareness.
This type of marketing communication  is meant to build brand value and to support other marketing and communication activities. Hence building a brand.Signage is the ‘physical’ and visual display to communicate branding and to support and inform the recipient about the brand and increase its visibility.
Van Beem & Van Haagen specializes in the complete development, engineering, prototyping, production and installation of ‘tailor made’ branding & signage solutions.
Both analogue and digital.
We like to be the technical link between the client, designers and architects.
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