As a special birthday celebration, the all-out rebuilding of the largest library in Holland has been completed, and numerous activities have been organized in Amsterdam during ‘100 days of festivities’. OBA Oosterdok does not just house the library, but also various rooms for congresses, presentations, meetings and a theatre hall.

Our solution

Based on a design by Studio Staak, VB&VH have been assigned the technical development, production and installation/montage of the new wayfinding .
It regards entry indications, totems next to the escalators, elevator indexes, hall indications, windowpane foil applications, lettering and numerous illuminated and non-illuminated room indications.
The totems and elevator indexes are made from stylish polar-white acrylic with digital prints on semi-permanent adhesive clear-view foil, thus providing a high degree of exchangeability.
The internally illuminated box-letter texts are only 32 mm deep, outfitted with sustainable LED’s and the with a real oakwood veneer in the same ‘look’ as the wooden floors and stairs.
The non-illuminated text lettering are made from aluminium, spray-painted in a colour match ‘blue-steel look’, identical to the character of the bookshelves.
The bookshelves are outfitted with appr. 440 exchangeable indications, made from bended and white spray-painted aluminium, with a top layer of semi-permanent adhesive and digitally printed clear-view foil.
In total the project exists of more than 1,500 identification elements.
A project we proudly look back on, also because of the fantastic cooperation with both the client and the designer.