Since 1987 the Jewish Historical Museum is located in 4 former synagogues at the Josef Daniël Meijerplein in Amsterdam. The oldest building originates from 1671.
After a radical renovation the wayfinding also had to be renewed, within a new concept that does sufficient justice to the cultural-historical image of the building interior.

Our solution

On both aesthetical and technical grounds the material ACM (Aluminium Composit Material) was selected for the various signs.
This plate-material has been printed directly in digital full-colour and outfitted with colour indicators in application-foil.
By partly using an easy-apply-wrap-foil the possibility was created to simply exchange printed texts and images in line with the changing exhibitions.
The selected design and the material- and colour-choice allow the wayfinding to almost blend in with the natural museum environment.
Van Beem & Van Haagen were responsible for the actual implementation of the signage-plan, testing and selecting of the materials, the production and installation/decoration.
According to our client the wayfinding is a beautiful and useful addition to the interior, which guides the visitors along the special collections in a natural manner.