Van Beem & Van Haagen have outfitted the NEMO Science Museum with both wayfinding on the inside and visual identity on the outside of the building.

Our solution

The entrance hall has been outfitted with completely new wayfinding signs, based on a design of Mijksenaar Wayfinding. In addition, internally illuminated ‘theme-signs’ have been installed on the various floor levels.
In a styleful ‘sign-language’ with rounded corners and embossed lettering with brightly radiating bevelled edges. Eye catching and clearly readable in the dynamic setting of this technical and innovative museum environment.
As a ‘beacon’, in accordance with the visual NEMO identity , a museum logo was installed on 3 sides of the elevator-shaft, based on a design by Studio Dumbar.
From a technical perspective we have chosen for a combination of polyester bunting with surface mounted illuminated box lettering in a black casing.
The correct balancing between ‘visibility’ and the montage method was a very conscientious process; where the wishes of all parties involved (building, identity and surroundings) eventually accomplished this stylish result.
The montage by means of a crane with a 50 meter span was an absolute ‘tour-de-force’.
The illuminated building identification SCIENCE MUSEUM over the entrance forms the final finishing touch.