In 2009 the architects of GROUP A and the designers of Fabrique have been granted the assignment to make an integral design on behalf of the renovation of the 16 metro stations
(5 underground and 11 at ground level) of the original Eastbound Line in Amsterdam.
Exactly 10 years later this complex project has been completed, executed by Hegeman Bouw & Infra. They were responsible for a.o. the new entrance lodges, new transparent elevators, platforms, tiling, escalators and lighting, and the total wayfinding in cooperation with VB&VH.
Meanwhile the project has been awarded various prizes such as the IF Award and recently the NRP Gulden Feniks 2019 architectural prize.

Our solution

Based on a new design the lettering and wayfinding of the 16 stations had to be redesigned and replaced.
All in line with the 31 other stations of the existing network and the 7 stations of the North/South Line. Because for the traveller it is of course one network.
This implied firstly the removal and transportation of the old wayfinding elements.
Simultaneously the engineering of the wayfinding sign suspensions took place, and subsequently the production and installation.
The same applied for the illuminated emergency signs which had to be incorporated in the total design.
A number of the activities had to be executed during the night, after the metro trains stopped riding; whilst the activities during daytime had to be executed with a minimal hindrance for the travellers.
Everything in accordance with a strict safety plan.
In total it regarded over 700 wayfinding elements consisting of entrance cubicles, entrance signing, illuminated signs, sublimated (enamel effect) routing forks, elevator signs, foil applications and build in display cases.
A technical ‘tour-de-force’ were the internally illuminated, double sided entrance sign.
In some instances with an uninterrupted length of over 6 meters beyond the entrances of the ground level stations with a depth of only 64 mms.
The complete lettering and the display cases in the stainless steel cluster walls were part of the assignment.
A wonderful project which, also because of the good cooperation with client Hegeman Bouw & Infra and architect GROUP A, has been realized to full satisfaction.