Based on a building design by Bentem Crouwel Architects and interior architect Hofman Dujardin, the new characteristic and transparent ING Cedar office building has arisen in Amsterdam South East, part of the Cumulus Park Innovation District.
VB&VH obtained the assignment from ING to develop, produce and install the complete wayfinding and very divergent decorative elements.
Mijksenaar Wayfinding was responsible for the design of the wayfinding and the accompanying reception counter ornament.
In cooperation with ING, G&S Bouw have granted us the assignment of the building identifications.

Our solution

Important part of the assignment was to develop an extra slim wayfinding-sign, without visible suspension connecting points.
In addition the signs had to be affixed at the ceiling climate panels, without causing any damage and/or hindering the correct functioning.
The material of choice was Himacs ® which has been 2-sided prepared by us for double-sided printing.
For the connection of the 1.5 mm steel wire suspension two miniscule holes were drilled in the top side of the signs and subsequently filled with an exactly proportioned kit, thus connecting the steel wire invisibly and inseparably with the signs.
All signs were milled all around and with rounded corners.
The free-hanging counter ornament is an integral part of the wayfinding .
It consists of 4 layers of 7 meter long curved strips, subtly connected with a critical fitting, and with special connection points of the thin steel wires at the cross-cut end.
In addition foil plotted ING logo’s and 60 exchangeable emergency-route signs were part of the assignment.
In the reception hall we installed an illuminated wall-ornament with prominently the ING-lion with EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) providing a beautiful smooth light-emission.
In the parking garage illuminated floor elements have been installed, specially printed foil around the columns and signing in line with the building overhead.
The building identifications consist of gigantic logo’s (10 x 10 m) printed on ‘one-way-vision’ foil and 3 illuminated building identifications of 1.60 meter high.