New Babylon is a building complex and an intrinsic part of the building project around The Hague Central Station.
It is part of a huge building project called The Hague New Central.
In assignment of project owner Icon Real Estate, G&S Vastgoed wanted to renew the wayfinding as well, to the design of Mijksenaar Wayfinding.

Onze oplossing

VB&VH have been requested to develop an energy-saving and slim illuminated sign, which should connect perfectly with the shop and office image, following the Mijksenaar design as closely as possible.
Meaning that the wooden ceiling interior elements should be visible as a wood nerve on both vertical sides of the signs.
Additionally there had to be an association with the ambient ceiling lighting, integrated in the illuminated signs as a vertical downwards emitting lighting unit.
Our development department has made numerous tests and prototypes in order to achieve the optimal emission, legibility, slimness and material selection.
Eventually sustainable EcoUnlimtLed fixtures have been applied which produce light emission both horizontally and vertically downwards.
The bottom of the signs is closed off with a white/opal translucent material, in sync with the already present ceiling fixtures.
The double sided illuminated wayfinding signs, 80 mm deep, are attached to super slim pendulums, sometimes with a length of 9 meters.
In sync with the design numerous non-illuminated lift index signs also have been applied.
The end result has met all expectations.
Both the client and the designer have been given exactly had envisioned in their plans
Which has generated great satisfaction with all parties concerned.
In short, a stylish and well-functioning interior wayfinding, which blends in with the overall environment.