On the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam the largest building in The Netherlands is situated.
Designed by Rem Koolhaas with the appropriate name ‘The Rotterdam’.
Offices, a hotel and apartments; 3 towers each 150 meters high, 44 storeys, and a 160,000 m² total floor surface.

Our solution

After a meticulous preparation and development, with the 3 colour grades patination of the brass elements as an absolute tour-de-force, we have begun the production and subsequently the installation in assignment of L’Étoile Properties. Because many brass colour-grades are applied in the building, the challenge was to apply this to the wayfinding as well.
In the end the brass elements were patinated in 3 different colour grades ( a very delicate process) and then outfitted with the directional elements after that.
Partly directly on the brass, and partly with distance bearers for the freestanding totems and the ceiling columns
Special metal lettering carriers were produced which exactly follow the shape of the lettering, but slightly deepened compared to the laser plotted texts.
A subtle, beautiful and sturdy solution, whilst optically vulnerable.
The freestanding totems (total height appr. 2.85 meters) are pieces of art in their own right; with regard to shape, materialisation and technique.
The end result: a unique wayfinding system, in both design and technical ‘translation’ based on a design by agency Customr of Willem van der Sluis.
The wayfinding consists of brass totems patinated in 3 different colour grades, ceiling columns and wall signs with a characteristic ‘sign language’, partly outfitted with embossed synthetic and vinyl lettering.
Numerous digital prints (plotted in a hexagonal shape) on walls and columns (concrete proof) show the correct way in the parking garages of this enormous building.
Illuminated building identifications on the exterior are also part of the project; applied both vertically and horizontally with illuminated lettering of maximal 30 mms deep.
In total the wayfinding consists of 260 partly different elements.