After an international tender Van Beem & Van Haagen have obtained the assignment for both the internal and external wayfinding of Curaçao International Airport; locally also known as Hato Airport.

Our solution

Preceding the actual production we did an extensive on site survey to determine the final measurements and montage positions; which eventually resulted in a montage manual and instructions for the local installation company.
It regards both wayfinding in the new terminal and the road signs on the airport grounds.
Based on a design by Donnelly Design in Walnut Creek, California, VB&VH have outfitted the airport with 294 different wayfinding elements.
In the meantime the second largest airport in the Caribbean; with the added new terminal the capacity has increased from 1.6 to 2.5 million travellers per year.
We discern primary and secondary wayfinding in various colours.
The wayfinding (primary) consists of metal casco’s, spray painted in 2 shades of blue and slightly deepened yellow elements, to power the suggestion of a shining sun.
The signs are made according to the ‘sandwich principal’ outfitted with pre-spaced lettering.
The production and delivery of the illuminated box letter texts (building identification), the complete external signage and all in- and external foil applications were part of the assignment.
For the entrance of the airport grounds we have produced an ‘in shape’ welcome sign (‘bon bini’ meaning ‘welcome’ in the local language Papiamento).
In short, an extensive international project which was finalized with great satisfaction of the client.