KLM wanted to make a clear identity statement above the check-in counters in Departure Hall 2 at Schiphol Airport.
Furthermore a clear recognition for the travellers of the Sky Priority counters.
The final choice was a blue light-strip with integrated KLM logos and Sky Priority displays.

Our solution

Based on our technical plan we started by developing a number of prototype test configurations in the VB&VH Experience .
Here we could simulate real life light-values, light-emission and experience; all this under day-, night- and twilight circumstances.
Together with the client we thoroughly checked whether the specific blue KLM-colour was according to the stringent KLM corporate identity under all circumstances.
Eventually we got the blue light.
The result: An 80 meter long uninterrupted light-strip with 2 integrated KLM logos and completed by separate red-illuminated Sky Priority displays.
By using the EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) LED fixture system and a clever montage-method, it was indeed possible to realize a visually uninterrupted and smoothly emitting light-strip with the characteristic blue KLM-colour.
This brand identity object can be observed from a great distance, both from in- and outside the departure hall.
KLM considers applying this solution both nationally and internationally on a wider scale.