Using the catchy work-title WalhallAA (referring to the building name AA) we were requested to execute the complete wayfinding and decoration of the PostNL head office in The Hague.
This included both the lift portals and meeting rooms, and also pantries and working floors in this 19-storey building.

Our solution

Within an exceptional concept and in close cooperation with PostNL and design agency VBAT, material tests were performed, proof prints and digital plotter proofs were made.
Super imposed postage stamps form the leading theme of the decoration throughout the building.
Thanks to the chosen ‘design language’ literal wayfinding was actually unnecessary.
Alternating types of materials and techniques were applied.
Varying from multi-layered acrylic for the enlarged postage stamps to sand blasted privacy foil for the glass partition walls of the meeting rooms.
In addition thick acrylic with a silver-grey metallic finishing for the elevator floor-numbers and self-adhesive foils .
In total over 1,800 m2 full colour printed foil, 600 m2 wall-decoration, 120 postage stamp and directional signs and almost 700 pillar decals.