The European headoffice of Asics is situated in Hoofddorp (Schiphol area) and was developed by Fokkema & Partners Architecten en Cepezed.
Core characteristics for this building of the 5th largest sport-shoes and sports clothing brand in the world are: friendly, modest and pure.
The architect has established this by the repetitious returning shoe-sole with the characteristic honeycomb motive.

Our solution

Van Beem & Van Haagen obtained the assignment for the inventory, development . and production of all foil applications for both the interior decorations and the large façade signing at the front of the building.
Preceding production numerous tests were performed with (semi)transparent self-adhesive application foils and specialized digital printing techniques to experimentally achieve the required result.
Thus the end result meets all expectations.
The characteristic honeycomb motive is visible throughout the building and recognizable by using subtle printed transparent window foils on glass partitions and office walls.
Furthermore the Asics brand is prominently present and visible on the front glass façade.
All goes hand in hand with the intention of the designer and the architect to experience the ‘Japanese heritage’ feeling of the brand in a subtle way throughout the building.