The TNT Centre Hoofddorp (Schiphol area) was built with recyclable materials, has been outfitted with a 100% sustainable energy supply and is CO2 emission free.
It goes without saying that the visual identity carriers, decorations and wayfinding should be executed in the same spirit.
These were the core values implicitly included in the assignment submitted to VB&VH.

Our solution

Based on a design by Studio Dumbar and in close cooperation with the TNT project team, Ex Interiors and Twijnstra Gudde this special assignment was taken in hand.
An assignment which existed of the development , production and installation of the custom made wayfinding and decoration in a perfect match with the materials and design language of this exceptional building.
Working from the sign-book as composed by the design studio, containing details regarding sustainable materials, design language, colour accentuation and regional planning VB&VH made the technical translation.
By applying a technical solution of massive wooden elements for the shaped freestanding totems, lift- and floor elements, and office and room indications, the final results almost surpassed the sign book.
In total 7 massive wooden totems, 100 signs, 340 room indications and 420 die cut pictos and 300 m2 decorative digitally printed window applications with trendsetting integrated aphorisms, phrases and words of wisdom.
A living proof that sustainable, stylish and decorative terms go perfectly hand in hand.