Swissport Cargo Services is the worldwide largest provider of air & ground services for the aviation industry.
The complex at Schiphol Zuid-Oost consists of approximately 5,800 m2 office-space and over 21,000 m2 cargo handling space.
On this immense building a clearly recognizable branding & signage was required.

Our solution

The choice was an illuminated boxletter signage at a strategic and visible position on the enormous transparent glass-pane façade of the building.
Strength calculations for mounting the façade construction and tests with day-, night- and twilight-situations preceded the actual production.
The complete project was managed and executed by VB&VH in close cooperation with strategic partner Astley Signs, Newcastle U.K.
The result is a huge façade signage with beautiful smooth light-emitting white boxletters with a height of 3 meter and a logo in the recognizable red Swissport colour with a height of 6 meter.
Striking is the correct proportion between the dimensions of the building and the signage, thus achieving the correct appeal, clarity and recognition.
While approaching via the Aalsmeer or Kaag Runway the Swissport icon is clearly visible from the airplane.