Completely in sync with the new Heineken ‘mirror-look’ we were granted the assignment to develop a prototype for the new version of the famous round Heineken outdoor sign.
In close cooperation with Heineken Group Design and in the highest confidentiality we worked on the aesthetic and technical development of the Iconic Outdoor Sign.

Our solution

By means of extensive material tests, special surface coatings and special printing-ink proofs, many prototypes were produced all focused on the final engineering for the serial production. All this in close cooperation with our strategic partner Fabrique 3D.
For this 3D digital printing-techniques were applied.
Many intermediary presentations in our Experience room Experience room eventually convinced the client of the ultimate Heineken Iconic Outdoor Sign.
The end result is a sign with a really modern and contemporary appeal in a ‘mirror look’ with a beautifully designed wall bracket with a backwards green ‘aureole glow’.
By applying the EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) LED fixture-system we realised an all-around smooth light emission (on both projected sides and the all-around locking edge).
After an international pitch Van Beem & Van Haagen were rewarded the assignment for the international production and distribution of the signs .
From a technical point of view the signs are really innovative by the combined application of a.o. injection moulded and extrusion parts which have to fit exactly together, after extensive tests on pulling force, wind load and UV-resistance.
The signs meet all worldwide required hallmarks and certificates.
Meanwhile over 11,000 signs have been distributed to more than 55 countries worldwide.
An exceptional achievement together with our international partners, especially considering the short lead-time and ultra-short deadlines.
A single-sided wall version of the Iconic Outdoor Sign has now been taken into production.