The Amsterdam Municipality have built, and are still building, guarded inside and/or subterranean bicycle parkings on numerous locations in the city.

It all originates from the ‘Long-term-plan Bike 2017 – 2022’ comprising 16,000 new bicycle parking spots.
In assignment of the Amsterdam Municipality, VB&VH have started with the development, production and montage of the wayfinding and illuminated building identification, which have been partly completed.
The parkings at the Ceintuurbaan (in the south of Amsterdam), Beursplein (Centre, Stock Exchange), 2nd Jan van der Heijdenstraat (De Pijp) and Metro Station North Amsterdam
have been finished.
This regards 4.500 bicycle parking spots.
At present the parkings Munthof (Reguliersdwarsstraat) and Rokin (City Centre), are in the preparation stage.
On Beurs Square (opposite the former Stock Exchange, Beurs van Berlage) a beautiful internally illuminated totem has been placed, which will also appear on different locations in the city.
Clear indicators for both inhabitants, visitors and travellers.