On the former industrial complex of Stork Werkspoor (heavy industry) on the opposite side of ‘t IJ in Amsterdam (harbour side) a unique commercial complex, named ‘De Overkant’, is situated.
It concerns a combined location for creative entrepreneurs, culture, bars and restaurants.
The complex also offers wide possibilities for exhibitions and events.
Furthermore it houses the largest fish-restaurant in The Netherlands.

Our solution

Such an industrial environment requires of course a ‘matching wayfinding look’.
Together with the designer we came to a concept using unfinished steel and rivets combined with former Stork machinery parts.
The total in- and external wayfinding therefore distinguishes itself with a strong industrial feel.
Bolts, nuts, distance tubes and mounting studs are purposely kept in clear view to emphasize the industrial character even more.
Within this concept materials are allowed to look weather-beaten through time.
Meanwhile many larger and smaller companies, start-ups and design agencies ‘populate’ this unique complex.
Taking the ferry across the IJ for a visit and a peek is definitely worth your while.