The Heineken Iconic Outdoor Sign has been granted the GIO Award for Good Industrial Design.
The sign has been developed and produced within a cooperation of Heineken International Design & Concept, VBAT, Van Beem & Van Haagen and Fabrique Public Design.

The award regards the category ‘Functional’. Within this category we have also been granted a nomination, putting us in 3rd place.
The signs are almost maintenance free.
Van Beem & Van Haagen were responsible for the (technical) development, prototyping, engineering, production, assembly and worldwide distribution.
The projected sign forms one integral unit with the wall-socket.
The spherical formed shells, printed in 6 colours, among which the ‘mirror-look’ in high gloss silver.
The signs can be opened and closed with an invisible bayonet fastening and are locked in a subtle manner.
360° interior lighting by EcoUnlimitLed (EUL) an energy-saving led-armature.
Jury-findings: ’A paradigm shift in the façade and illuminated sign branche.
Meanwhile over 25,000 signs have been produced and delivered to more than 60 countries worldwide.