Wayfinding for indoor and outdoor polling stations, such as the double-sided signage stand and reusable foil, which holds on any dust-free surface. See here a film of the resuble foil.

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Wayfinding sign stand

Article SH 15.002

Collapsible and light weight. Double sided with rotatable arrow. Including sign panel ‘Polling station’. Panels with different colour, text or logo
on request.


Wayfinding foil “Exit”

Article WF20.002

Reusable foil Exit.
Size 60x16cm. Yellow surface, black text.


Wayfinding foil “stembureau”

Article WF20.001

Wayfinding foil “Voting office” with rotating arrow to stick on all kinds of surfaces. Reusable, so stick it back on the plastic plate after election day. Size: 60 x 16cm. Yellow background, black text.


Wayfinding foil “Houd afstand”

Article WF 20.003

This foil is indispensable to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between voters. Reusable if stuck to walls or windows. Can also be used on the floor, but only once. Size: 60 x 16cm. Yellow foil, black text. Minimum order 10 pieces. Price per piece:


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