The Museumkwartier (Museum Quarter) in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a merge of the Museum Noord Brabant and the Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch (Municipal Museum).
The new development and renovation took more than 2,5 years.
Within this prestigious project VB&VH was responsible for the overall wayfinding, based on a design by and in close cooperation with Mijksenaar Wayfinding.

Our solution

The designer has opted for a so-called ‘satin look’, but with a sufficient transparent effect; this appeal optimally blends in with the environment and architecture of the building. Because the wayfinding exists of freestanding totems, wall-signs, picto’s and index signs, it is of importance that the visitors experience the same appeal with all different items.
Based on extensive proofs and prototypes we eventually executed the total development, production and installation.
To achieve the transparent ‘satin look’ we have applied both a semi-transparent Polar white acrylic and a slightly size-reduced full core white acrylic wall-plate; thus resulting in a semi-transparent exchange with the mounting surface.
In total almost 120 different wayfinding carriers were produced and installed.
All texts and symbols were digitally printed directly on the acrylic material.
In all aspects a technically creative challenge.
It guides you through the heritage of the south of Holland.