A very successful development within our Research & Development department is undoubtedly The Ultimate Voting Booth ®. In cooperation with our strategic partner Fabrique3D and manufacturers in the Far East we have at that time started this development and eventually successfully introduced.

Our solution

Extensive research on the feasibility, and through prototyping en engineering , we eventually realised a production-ready version .
Production specifications: in accordance with the Voting Termination Article J5, light weight 16 kg; foldable to manageable dimensions; adjustable writing surface and LED lighting (both cordless and by mains power).
Folded the voting booth requires a minimal storing space.
In addition to The Netherlands, a wide interest appeared in Belgium, France, Germany and the U.K., but also globally; therefore over 45,000 ultimate voting booths have been produced and delivered worldwide.
As a further emphasis: this represents more than 600,000 kg of material and over 3.5 million different parts.
The product has been granted a GIO recognition for Good Industrial Design, and is also prepared for computerized polling. Meanwhile we have also developed and produced The Ultimate Voting Booth Plus ® ; in a bigger size for better accessibility for disabled people.
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Thus VB&VH are ready for all future elections, referendums and association treaties.
View our demo movie below.