Ultimate Voting Booth

The Ultimate Voting Booth has been indispensable in elections for many years in the Netherlands and abroad. With its rounded anodized profils, grey plastic plating, light weight and foldability, it is a handy product, without loose parts. The height-adjustable shelf is easy to place in the voting booth. Multi functional as exhibition display or showcase.

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Ultimate Voting booth

Article SH 08.001

Light weight, collapsible, including writing surface.
Aluminium profiles, grey polypropylene panels.
Height adjustable for wheelchair users.
Dimensions:1 m (W) x 1 m (D) x 2m (H).
Belgium: 1 (L) x 1 (B) x 2.10(H) mtr.


Ultimate Voting booth Plus

Article SHP 18.001

Extra wide voting booth.  Size: 1.50(L)x1.50(W)x2.00(H) mtr.
Better accessibility for disabled people. Including writing surface

Belgium: 1.50(L) x 1.50(B) x 2.10(H) mtr.


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