We have various items for the voting booth in general at the polling station. E.g. for the disabled voter a reading magnifier with light, or a 2400 LED luminaire with 1100 lux on the writing surface. But also a disinfection column to disinfect the hands before entering the polling station.

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A1 Poster holder

Article SH 17.001

Clear acrylic A1 poster holder  (portrait) to insert your own information.


A0 Poster holder

Article SH 17.002

Clear acrylic A0 poster holder  (portrait) to insert your own information.


Ballot box space-maker

Article SB 16.001

Space making pressing device.


Ballot box decoration 1

Article SB 17.001

Foldable ballot box decoration.
With print.


Triangular panel

Article SH 17.003

Metal panel, applied when the voting booth is used in
an upside/down triangular display setting.



Article SH 16.001

Grey fire-retarding material, including eyelet clips.
1400 mm (W) x 1600 mm (H)


Curtain rod

Article SH 16.002

Aluminium, including plastic end stops. Easily clickable on top of the voting booth.


Connecting device

Article SH 17.004

Connects the sides of the voting booth when used in a triangular setting.


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